Worship – Essential Light Bringers: Small Businesses – January 31

Welcome to Shepherd of the Hill’s online worship! We are thankful that you have come to this corner of the internet for some of God’s Word and time for reflection and worship. As you engage the below worship service, you are encouraged to quiet the world around you. Turn off or silence your phone. Find a quiet spot in your house or outdoors.

The service is approximately 30 minutes in length if you follow all the pieces. Songs have been contributed by our Worship Team and our traditional service pianist. Our lectors have recorded the readings. Pastor Adam has recorded a sermon for viewing. There is also liturgy (litanies, prayers, calls to worship) contained in the service. If you are worshiping with someone, please share the reading of these pieces with them.

Pastor Adam’s Welcome

Gathering Song – Gather Us In – ELW532
Performed by SOTH Worship Team

Prayer of Confession – (inspired by Mark 1:21-28)
we thank you for this extraordinary world
and its reminders of resilience, grace, hope and life:
for when grass shoots break through concrete
when the sun emerges after storms
for when people offer laughter in deep sadness
In these moments we see glimpses of who you are –and we are grateful.

Yet if we reduce you to being like the cycle of nature
or the best of humankind,
we diminish your power to make the impossible real:
to break apart the impenetrable evils of oppression,
to cast out the very real fears that paralyse us
to banish the insidious demons of judgement and worthlessness

Forgive us God when we do not trust you to deal with the unspeakable awfulness in our lives and world.
In the silence we name the parts of our lives and our world that we believe are
too broken to ever be made whole
Cast out our demons, Lord,
Make us new again

Forgive us when contribute to the brokenness of the world and the lives of people around us.
In the silence we name the things we have done that separate us
from you and from others
Cast out our demons, Lord,
Make us new again

Forgive us when we trust darkness more than we trust your light.
In the silence we name the things we think we need to keep hidden.
Cast out our demons, Lord,
Make us new again

Scripture says that those who are in Christ are a new creation;
everything old has passed away;
see, the new has come!
Hear then Christ’s word of grace to us:
‘Your sins are forgiven.’
Thanks be to God!


First Reading – 1 Corinthians 8
The reading can be found here.
Read by Vicki Carroll

Essential Light Bringer – Charlie Odegaard

Gospel Reading – Mark 1:21-28
The reading can be found here.
Read by Peggy Lairmore

Essential Light Bringer – Lynda Fleischer

Questions for Reflection:
How do you understand the concept of a “demon” or of a “possession?”

What are some “demons” you see in our world today?

How have you brought light to your own demons or to someone else’s?

Are explosions and laughter a sane combination? (Correct answer: Of course it is!)

Centering Song – Healer of Our Every Ill – ELW 612
Lyrics can be found here.
Performed by Mary Munson

Prayer of Thanksgiving
We give you all thanks and praise, O God,
for your justice stands in splendor and majesty,
and you nourish the faithful
with mercy and kindness.

You are the one God who created all things
and for whom we exist.
From the beginning you have revealed your mighty deeds
and upheld a covenant with your chosen ones.

You raised up among your people
a prophet greater even than Moses,
your Son and our teacher, Jesus of Nazareth.
With words and deeds of authority he has taught us,
not the knowledge that puffs up,
but the love that builds up.
You put your holy words in his mouth,
and at his word even the demons fall silent.
When he was killed, you raised him to life,
and now it is through him that we exist,
and in him, that the crippling grip of death is broken forever.

Therefore, with our hearts lifted high,
we offer you thanks and praise at all times
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Sending Song – Love the Lord
Performed by SOTH Worship Team

Go out into the world
Know that God is with you
Strengthening you for the days ahead

Whatever demons you may face
Whether beside you or inside you
Are powerless in the face of God’s love

So, go out into the world
Bring love to those who are struggling
Bring light to those who lay in darkness.

Giving and Offering
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Prayer of Confession – written by written by Cheryl Lawrie
Prayer of Thanksgiving – © 2003 Nathan Nettleton http://www.laughingbird.net/