Shared Stories: Conversations Between Our Lutheran and Jewish Communities

What Is “Shared Stories”?

Congregation Lev Shalom and Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church recognize that we live in times that are filled with divisions and misunderstandings.  We believe that a vital way of healing this brokenness is to continually seek to better understand our neighbors..  As a result, we have been coming together to share our perspectives on stories that we share in the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Jewish and Christian communities share many stories. In the coming months, Congregation Lev Shalom and Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church are coming together to explore these common narratives. The conversations will be led by both Pastor Adam Barnhart of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and Rabbi Emerita Nina Perlmutter of Congregation Lev Shalom. 

We have found these gatherings to be filled with knowledge, joy, and honest conversations.  We warmly welcome you to join in and share these stories as well.

Please help us share the word and feel free to invite friends!

Should you have questions please reach out to either Pastor Adam ( or Rabbi Nina (


On May 19th from 6:30-8:00pm, we will share the story of Ruth and Naomi together.  It is a story that has many things to say about the Torah, relationships, and more.  We will explore the different dynamics that exist both in the Jewish community and the Christian (Lutheran) community.

To join the May session, you can join the following Zoom meeting on the evening of the 19th:


March: Jonah

April: The Decalogue