Fall 2020 – Sunday School

Prizes? YES!
Family time? YES!
Biblical literacy? YES!

Everything may be going virtual for school, but Sunday School is not!

Rather than add another screen or video into our kids days, we have decided to make Sunday School a fun family activity. We are going to provide awesome illustrated Bibles to each family for a weekly reading of Bible stories.

If families complete all the stories in a month, they can submit their checked off bookmark to Pastor Adam for a prize. What are the prizes? Well, as you know, not much is out of the realm of possibilities when it comes to Pastor Adam and children’s sermons. The same holds true here!

If you want your family to be a part of our safe and fun Sunday School this fall, please contact the office on our Contact Form.

If you are interested in having the resources sent to grand kids or kids in another state, please also email the office. We’re happy to send them along and you can order the Bible for the family directly!