Daily Bible Reading Plan

Being acquainted with the structure and content of the Bible, Biblical literacy, is one of the most important facets of our Christian faith. The better our grasp of God’s Word, the better we can put it to action in our daily lives!

However, many find it difficult to integrate Biblical study into their busy lives. To help increase Biblical literacy, we offer here two resources for daily Bible readings. Take 15 minutes out of your day to increase your understanding, be inspired, and deepen your faith!

The Bible Project – The Bible Project is a comprehensive effort by artists, theologians, and other Christians to produce a new and engaging way to increase Biblical literacy. Their website is rich in resources and has incredible videos which introduce most of the books of the Bible. We encourage you to sign-up for their newsletter..

One Year Bible Online – One Year Bible Online is a site designed around simply getting you daily Bible readings.  You can select a variety of different translations and follow their daily reading plan.  If you would like the plan emailed to you on a daily basis just sign-up on this page.