COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Current Phase – Day 1 of Phase 1

Message from Pastor Adam

Reopening Documents
SOTH “Phased Reopening” Table
Our reopening will be based upon the statistical data of COVID-19 cases present in Coconino County. This document describes the different phases of this process and our activity within those phases. Please note that an increase in cases may cause us to return to an earlier phase. Brief description of phases:
Phase 1 – A progressive 14-day decline in Coconino County. Online worship continues.
Phase 2 – A continued 14-day decrease in cases during which we begin our preparations to return to in-person worship. Online worship continues.
Phase 3 – Another 14-day period where there is no rebound in cases and we begin a return to in-person worship with precautions. Online worship continues.
Phase 4 – All time after the 42-day period where in-person worship continues with precautions until a vaccine, reliable treatment, or herd immunity are present. Online worship continues.

Documents for instruction on how we will return to in-person worship in Phase 3 will be made available on this page during Phase 2.

Reference Documents
Returning to In-Person Worship – ELCA Guiding Document
This document was authored by our national church body and describes some “best practices” for reopening following the CDC/White House guidelines (see below). This guiding document is an essential part of our decision-making process, but does not define all our actions.

Reference Web Pages
CDC/White House Guidelines for Phased Reopening
The national website developed to inform reopening based upon COVID-19 statistics for an area. The ELCA and Shepherd of the Hills are basing our reopening plans upon this guidance.

Coconino County Public Health COVID-19 Data Page –
This website provides all of us the COVID-19 statistics for our county. This information informs our position in our phased reopening and helps us remain aware of the impact the virus is having around us.

Our thanks to Pastor David Brandfass of Christ Lutheran Church in Sedona, AZ for his initial draft of the phased table document.